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Our juicing philosophy is centered on a balance between nutrition and fresh flavor. While preparing the juices, the natures best vegetables, herbs, and fruits are pressed into nourishing elixirs designed to conquer any health ailment, physical concern or imbalance. All of our handcrafted juices can be modified to fit strict dietary needs and our servings are ideal to supplement your breakfast, lunch or dinner. With over 15 juices on the menu, we hope to please your sweet tooth or appease your savory side with our special blend of nutrients.

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With the tremendous benefits of raw food, why wouldn't you eat it? Each bite provides a chance for increased energy, while nourishing the body with pure, homemade recipes. Our raw foods are made with a variety of ingredients that can meet any nutritional need. Whether you're an experienced raw foodie or new to the game of optimum nutrition, opt for a well-balanced and creative meal at Pure Juice Café.

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In a society fueled by fast food and faster calories, Pure Juice smoothies can help. Made with whole fruits, vegetables and super-food boosts, our smoothies can substitute a meal while tickling your taste buds. They can also introduce kids to a new world of nutritionally effective ingredients and even fresher flavor. At Pure Juice Café, we create the thickest smoothies made from scratch with a variety of innovative ingredients.

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Raw Gourmet Juice & Smoothie Café

Pure Juice Café is all about the purest living ingredients that nourish your body. We have taken the best products found in nature and used them to carefully design our menu to fuel our bodies. Clean and living food the way it was truly intended.

Our family-friendly Raw Gourmet Juice and Smoothie Café offers delicious, freshly pressed juices, smoothies, raw vegan desserts, vibrant living meal and snack options for the whole family, as well as organic Intelligentsia Coffee & organic teas.

We realize that today, more than ever, it’s vital to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into our diet in order to support our active lifestyles and rebuild our bodies daily. Pure Juice Café hopes to fill the void, and conveniently offers a fun menu of healthy living foods. Have fun exploring our creations.

Our Mission

To promote health and vitality through the world of raw living foods, by providing a convenient, high quality menu of freshly pressed pure juices, smoothies and living foods.

To provide you the highest and purest form of nutrition available to us today, free of preservatives, synthetic chemicals and pollutants.

To proudly and humbly bring you a menu like no other; foods created by nature that fuel and nurture your body naturally and completely.

To create a company that gives back and empowers.

To inspire and be inspired, to teach and strive to always learn more, and to never forget that life is a journey.

What You WON’T Find at Pure Juice

  • Flours or wheat
  • Grains containing gluten
  • Any dairy products
  • Canned or boxed foods
  • Processed foods
  • Food colorings and preservatives
  • Addictive sugars
  • High-fructose corn syrup
  • GMO Soy or GMO Corn
  • MSG or Sulfites
  • Any other chemicals
“To Eat is a Necessity — To Eat Intelligently is an Art”

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