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Fem-Glam™ Harmony Kit


Handcrafted Supreme Beauty Tonics

Pure Juice is taking the powerful enzymes of raw foods to the next level by seeking out some of the world’s greatest herbal treasures. We’re unveiling the ancient secrets of longevity to set you on the path towards health and wellness.

This trio incorporates the most pristine ingredients, coming from almost every continent, and every type of environment on Earth. Take yourself on an adventure and see how our handcrafted superfood elixirs nourish your body and enhance your lifestyle.

Enhance Your Beauty – Awaken Your Passion – Embrace Your Wisdom
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#71 – Divine Pearls

Pearl Powder • Fresh Coconut Water & Coconut Meat • Pink Himalayan Salt

Uncover the ancient beauty secret of the most beautiful women of the orient with this exquisite blend. Replenish your skin with this collagen rebuilding pearl powder and moisturizing coconut. Not only is pearl powder a mood stabilizer, but it can be used as a daily calcium supplement. Pearl powder prevents the occurrence of wrinkles and skin discolorations, making you illuminate from the inside out.

#72 – Cosmic Passion

Dragon Fruit • Pineapple • Peach • Schizandra • Goji • Fresh Coconut Water • Coconut Oil • Lucuma Powder

Awaken your passion with this infusion of exotic flavors! This superb elixir will surprise you with its multi-layered flavor and wide range of health benefits. Goji is one of the most supreme longevity tonic herbs in the world. Used in Asia for over 2500 years, it nourishes and tonifies the liver and kidneys, supports immune function, and build sexual fluids. Schizandra can restore youthfulness, slow down aging, invigorate all 12 meridians, increase vitality, and improve sexual energy and function for both men and women.

#73 – Lunar Alchemy

Açaí • Blueberry • Strawberry • Ashwaganda • Reishi Mushroom • Tonic Alchemy • Vegan Probiotic • Date

A profoundly nourishing “night-cap”, you body has never experienced anything like this before. A nutrient-dense, sweet and fruity tonic with probiotics, anti-inflammatory reishi-queen of mushrooms, and calming ashwaganda. Tonic Alchemy is a remarkable 91-ingredient blend of superfoods, probiotics, premium tonic herbs, fruits and vegetables. They come from all around the world, making Tonic Alchemy the true foundation for vibrant health. This elixir helps in the development of a strong, clear mind and sharp intuition.


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