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Our Story

How a Dream Became Our Juicy Reality

Can you imagine growing up in place with no processed foods or no fast foods?

How about a place where everything you eat you grow yourself?

Now, imagine the culture of connecting over food preparation with your family and friends while cultivating lifelong traditions.

Having grown up in Europe has been an influential part of my journey, and the foundation of why Pure Juice exists today.

Upon moving to the States, a fast paced lifestyle quickly became my new way of living. Soon after, I realized I lost my ability to live a balanced and fulfilling life. In my yearning to get back to wholesome living, and vitality, I was exposed to the raw food cuisine and juicing lifestyle, and have been exploring it since 2003.

The dream of teaching and spreading this awareness turned into an idea of creating a healthy outlet where others can also reap the benefits of a plant based lifestyle. This concept of providing a place where people can trust their food, and include a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables was a decade long personal journey of learning and recipe development.

Although I have been enjoying the benefits of raw food diet myself, it wasn’t until my daughter was born with severe food allergies that I quickly became an expert in decoding what’s really hiding in our food supply. This furthered my quest to incorporate all homemade, unprocessed, pure, organic, and most importantly allergen free foods.

The personal struggles my family and I have endured have turned out to be blessings and have since shaped my unique life path. They serve as a reminder to never underestimate our own strength and to always be fully present each and every day.

Those experiences became my awakening and made me realize that this was the right opportunity to pursue doing what I love. Pure Juice Café was born in an effort to incorporate passion through health and vitality in the world of raw food and Pure Juice.

I am grateful to all of the special people in my life for their support, help and inspiration.

Find your passion and follow your bliss,


Who We Are

“My goal is to inspire people to eat real, nutrient dense, pure food that nourishes our bodies. And to show how easy it is to include it in our daily diet. I want to make healthy juices accessible to everyone, so that people can experience the benefits for themselves. This is a sure way to live a vibrant life!”