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Media Coverage for Pure Juice Café

  • Pure Juice Café Ultimate Cleanse Experience

    PURE JUICE CAFE "WELLNESS ANYWHERE RETREAT "  January 30th -February 4th Bringing the Experience to your Home! Full Program Price $399   (valued at $500) Reserve your spot today! (847) 873-0942   Dreaming of a Healthier Life? Over the course of a week we will completely reset and renew our minds, bodies and spirits. Full of raw, vegan [...]
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  • Healthy Holiday Habits!

    Meats. Cheeses. Breads. Cookies. Pies. Cakes. Chocolates. Whether you have diet restrictions or not, holiday buffets can be daunting. Over-indulgence can lead to brain fog, fatigue, a bloated stomach, and most of all, regret. We’ve all been there. Whether you feel compelled to honor tradition through your meal or are letting loose to treat yourself, […]
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  • The Greatest of the Plant World

    Introducing our Pure Juice Café Exclusive Apothecary Collection Plants. We know they contain nutrients that we need to survive and by now you probably know that here at Pure Juice Café, we consider food our medicine. The food we eat becomes the energy we use to sustain our existence. The more nutrient dense the food, the more […]
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    You are in Charge of your Health

    Protection. Safety. Defense. These are some of the words to describe the role our immune system plays in our body. It works as part of the whole to protect us from pathogens - viruses, bacteria, fungus and anything that can cause an imbalance in our ability to function. Without it, it would be impossible to [...]
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  • daily-herald-paulina-cropped

    The Daily Herald is Writing About Us!

    Get the scoop on Pure Juice Café’s Juice Cleanse from Daily Herald.
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