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About Us

Our Mission

To promote health and vitality through the world of raw living foods, by providing a convenient, high quality menu of freshly pressed pure juices, smoothies and living foods.

To provide you the highest and purest form of nutrition available to us today, free of preservatives, synthetic chemicals and pollutants.

To proudly and humbly bring you a menu like no other; foods created by nature that fuel and nurture your body naturally and completely.

To create a company that gives back and empowers.

To inspire and be inspired, to teach and strive to always learn more, and to never forget that life is a journey.

Staying Pure

Living in today’s fast food culture, we barely have the time to go grocery shopping, let alone to make nutritious meals that would meet the daily recommended amounts of fruits and vegetables. Pure Juice Café hopes to fill the void and conveniently offers a fun menu of healthy living foods.

We recognize the healing, alkalizing and immune system boosting super powers of freshly pressed Pure Juice. We realize that today more than ever it is vital to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into our diets in order to support our active lifestyles and rebuild our bodies daily. Our goal is to conveniently package a few pounds of fresh living fruits and vegetables into a single product, providing exactly what your body needs, instantly benefiting you with a glow, energetic life, and truly optimal health. Food allergies are a growing public health concern, so whether it is a necessity or a personal preference, our menu with an exception of nuts is considerate of many allergies.

At Pure Juice Café we offer Juicing Demos for kids, in order to enhance their knowledge of fruits and vegetables and get them excited about foods provided by nature. We know from research that repeated exposure to nutritious foods can increase children’s appetites for fruits and vegetables. Furthermore, we hope to become a health oriented, educational outlet in our local community, hosting speakers in many areas of health, nutrition, and wellness, as well as organize many special events for adults and for kids.