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A question that arises a lot in our café is “Why do your drinks taste SO GOOD?” People often remark that when they try at home, their smoothie consistency is off, the taste is bitter, or something just doesn’t seem right. Somehow, Pure Juice always reaches the perfect harmony with their products. Do you want to know our secret? Synergy. We understand our ingredients and use them together in ways so that they offer a highly-concentrated boost of nutrients.

There’s a lot of hype these days about green this and detox that which is great! But sometimes these messages about health miss on the mark of enjoyment – which should never be sacrificed! Sure, you can blend a pound of spinach and kale in a blender with some ice and choke it down. You can tell yourself ‘This is good for me!’ But something inside of you will object.

Health isn’t ugly, it isn’t miserable, and it isn’t meant to be a process of getting used to things just because they are good for you. No. Health is beautiful, radiant. Health is knowing what your body craves. Health is knowing how to use whole foods together in a way that tastes & feels good, which leaves you feeling satisfied on top of feeling good about the choices you make.

Pure Juice uses this exact approach. We always start by sourcing the highest quality ingredients from our trusted vendors. Then we carefully wash, dry and store our produce appropriately. Our made to order juices and smoothies are consistently crafted. Cold-press juice requires the utmost attention. Our food is designed to fuel a plant-based lifestyle.

Our mission is to offer products with a purpose. 
As much as we want our products to taste good, we need them to be functional above all else. Synergy goes beyond finding flavors that complement each other. Our synergistic approach exists in our intention behind the blends we create so that you feel exactly how you intend to after having your Pure Juice.

The best way to experience the synergy we create at Pure Juice is to experience our juice cleanse. It’s an incredible way to understand the body and witness the way it reacts to whole food nutrition. We developed the program based on the bodies innate ability to heal. We asked ourselves, “What makes a body thrive?” We did our research.

We concluded that in order for just about everyone to benefit from our cleanse, it needed to be:
1) densely packed with nutrients
2) consumed in such a way that it complements the natural rhythm of the body
3) carefully crafted to ensure an attainable outcome

We also concluded that our juice cleanse would not be:
1) designed as a weight loss program
2) intended to cure or treat a diagnosed disease
3) offered as a quick fix with dramatic results

The Pure Juice Cleanse has 1 purpose amongst many benefits which is to: gently and effectively improve the quality of ones life through nutritionally dense juices that have been carefully crafted to initiate an over-all sense of well-being and deliver nutritional support to all areas of the body.

You will notice how your thoughts about food shift. You will realize how your cravings acted as distractions. You will feel that nutrient dense food is more filling than processed, nutrient devoid food. You will begin to understand the synergy between ingredients, noting the benefits that come with each specially crafted juice. This will easily translate back to eating whole foods, utilizing their powers in times of nourishment.

When we realize how certain foods (especially plants!) are our ally, we can change our relationship with it altogether. Choosing Pure Juice as your trusted source of nutrition on the go is a great way to begin introducing yourself to a world of purposeful eating. Give your body a chance to reset and try one of Juice Cleanse Programs today! Visit our website for more details.

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