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Journaling As Therapy

In today’s digital world, journaling seems a distant practice. We rely on digital calendars, virtual note pads, internet blogs, and all things computer related to organize anything from our finances to grocery lists.

Our minds suffer from over-stimulation. We are always connected. It can be overwhelming being on call and always reachable. We need a break!

Keeping a journal can help. Writing in general is a therapeutic way to organize thoughts, remember information, and lay out goals. It allows us the opportunity to clarify our thoughts and gives us the freedom to get to know ourselves on a deeper level.

A great way to start journaling is to practice gratitude writing. Taking a moment at the end of the day or the end of the week to write down what you are grateful for has very positive benefits. When we celebrate the little things, we appreciate the little things that much more. Journaling with gratitude while reflecting on the day can relieve stress, promote clarity and put ease to our minds. Even on stressful days, practicing gratitude allows us to remember that life has its ups and downs. Soon after starting a gratitude journal you will notice your outlook become a little brighter.

You can also use journaling to help you work through difficult situations, especially ones that cannot be resolved immediately. Common responses are to stew over the situation, talk to others about it, or try to brush it under the rug if we can. Did you know that writing can help solve problems more effectively? When we journal, our true feelings and honest opinions come out. Keeping this type of journal private can ensure that what is expressed is the most authentic truth.

To begin this process, forget about spelling and punctuation. This helps our thoughts flow freely. Write quickly without hesitation. Doing so allows us to ignore our analytical brain and focus more on our emotional brain. When you are finished with this process, give yourself a moment to reflect silently after your release. If you feel inclined, you can then write about what you learned and how you plan to move forward.

Journaling of any kind connects us to our internal world. It’s an action that allows us time to celebrate, reflect, process and solve issues. When you are looking for a solution or can’t slow down, open your journal and let it all out!

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