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Pure Juice Café Ultimate Cleanse Experience



January 30th -February 4th

Bringing the Experience to your Home!

Full Program Price $399   (valued at $500)

Reserve your spot today! (847) 873-0942


Dreaming of a Healthier Life?

Over the course of a week we will completely reset and renew our minds, bodies and spirits. Full of raw, vegan meals & cold-press juices plus support & encouragement along the way. Optional yoga classes & more will be included.

  •  4 Unique Experiences Designed Specifically for our Retreat:

    • Detox Yoga & Meditation Class

    • 2 Thai Yoga Massage Classes

    • 1  Vibrational Sound Healing Class

  • Raw Juice Cleanse Program (3 Days)

  • Raw Vegan Meals (2days: First Day and Last Day)

  • Infrared Sauna Treatment

  • Self-Care Handmade Body Products for the Week

  • Support and Encouragement Emails and Group Support

Kickoff Meeting @ 6:30PM Monday the 30th at Pure Juice Café

The schedule will look something like this:
Monday 1/30: Meal and Juice pick up between 5-7PM, Kickoff Meeting at 6:30PM
Tuesday 1/31: Raw Food Meal Plan, Detox Yoga Class at McDonald Dance Studio in Arlington Heights with Jen Alesi
Wednesday 2/1: Day 1 of Juice Cleanse, Thai Yoga Massage Class at Equilibrium Personal Training Studio in Palatine
Thursday 2/2: Day 2 of Juice Cleanse, Vibrational Sound Healing at Pure Detox in Arlington Heights
Friday 2/3: Day 3 of Juice Cleanse, Family Movie Night at home
Saturday 2/4: Raw Food Meal Plan, Thai Yoga Massage Class at Equlibrium Personal Training Studio in Palatine
Sunday 2/5: CELEBRATE! Stop by Pure Juice for a free juice or smoothie on us!

How to Prepare?

It’s never too early to start making healthier, wiser choices! If you feel motivated and encouraged to start practicing new habits, don’t wait for the retreat to roll around! Go after your goals NOW!

  • Set some intentions for each day
  • Think positive thoughts
  • Engage in journaling
  • Choose food that will nourish you
  • Participate in a daily activity that gets you moving

Leading up to the cleanse, make sure you give yourself time to eliminate the foods you will be avoiding. Meat, dairy, refined sugar, gluten, alcohol and caffeine should be avoided while participating in our cleanse. It is wise to give yourself at least 3 days to slowly eliminate these items in order to prevent common detox symptoms such as a headache. It’s a lot easier than you think! If you have never done a cleanse before, please refer to the FAQ on our website! Everything you need to know about the process can be found here.

We hope that over the course of the week, internally you feel rejuvenated and mentally you feel prepared to always choose wisely for your body, mind and spirit. It may feel like it takes so much time and effort to stay consistent with new habits but small efforts always add up. We hope to create a lasting effect that will go beyond our retreat, Wellness Anywhere. We want to prove to you that you are capable of always choosing the best for yourself, no matter where you are in the world or where you’re at on your own health journey.

Take this opportunity to do something wonderful for yourself without leaving the comfort of your home and daily life. Wellness is an every day job, Wellness Anywhere is here to help you succeed.


cleanse-renew-me-1dayOne Day Meal Example

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