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The Greatest of the Plant World


Introducing our Pure Juice Café Exclusive Apothecary Collection

Plants. We know they contain nutrients that we need to survive and by now you probably know that here at Pure Juice Café, we consider food our medicine. The food we eat becomes the energy we use to sustain our existence. The more nutrient dense the food, the more we function at our best. In the unfortunate event that one falls ill and needs extra support, we need not reach beyond the plant world, only deeper. This is why we have introduced our Apothecary Collection and why we would like to offer you more information into a world that has been revered for thousands of years but has been buried below the heaviness of medicine in the Western world.

Filled with tonic herbs, adaptogens and medicinal mushrooms, our Apothecary Collection goes beyond our existing product line to bring you substantial support in the areas of life where you need it the most. Let incorporating herbs into your daily routine become a ritual of intention. When you ingest your chosen formula, bring all of your attention to the moment from mixing to drinking to enjoying. This process should be enjoyable! The more you focus on your intention to heal and support your body, the more effective your elixir will be.

These are not designed to be a quick fix or an overnight miracle. Results will take effect with consistency and intention. Herbs work in harmony with our bodies so ensuring you’re aiding the process with things such as a healthy diet, exercise, yoga, meditation, plus your own ways of living your best life will certainly create a recipe for healing. As always, we are here for you! Please let us know if you need help with reaching your goals. We have plenty of community resources available to help you design the life you are seeking.

What is herbalism? Herbalism, herbology, and herbal medicine are all terms that define the use and the study of plants in order to maintain, ease, or treat symptoms of a suffering or out-of-balance body.

What is a tonic herb? A tonic herb is classified as an herb that is non-toxic in large doses and can be taken regularly for a long period of time without any harmful side-effects. We feature many tonic herbs in our formulas such as Reishi, Astragalus, Codonopsis, Jujube, Panax Ginseng, and Asparagus to name a few. Tonic herbs are not considered medicinal in that they do not treat symptoms that need immediate attention such as a wound or upset stomach. Rather, tonic herbs are taken to aid in all functions of the body to restore balance and to increase an overall sense of well-being. They are intended to improve the quality of life in terms of happiness, youthfulness, vitality, wisdom and adaptability.

What is an adaptogenic herb? An adaptogen works naturally with your body and its ability to handle stress. When you break down the word, you see ‘adapt’ stand out. What these unique classification of herbs do is work to help us cope in stressful situations and adapt more easily to change or stimuli in our environments.

Mushrooms! You see them in grocery stores, fresh, dried and used as a broth base for vegetarians. What you may not realize is that a significant portion of species of mushrooms are considered medicinal and boast major benefits to the human body.

Mushrooms, or fungus, are the fruiting bodies of a vegetative network called mycelium. Much like the roots of trees, mycelium is a delivery system of nutrients to fungus. Fungus is classified as its own kingdom along with plants and animals. They are produced in nature when the environment is in need of help breaking down decaying matter such as dying trees and shrubs. This process is so profound in that without the aid of fungus, our forests would remain full of dead branches and undecomposed plant matter. The presence of mushrooms is a sign that there is dead plant matter nearby. Mushrooms guarantee it will be broken down and returned to the Earth to supplement new growth and nourish the process.

Mushrooms work magic in our bodies much like they do in nature. Compounds present in mushrooms that have medicinal properties have a range of benefits. Some of the benefits are: anti-cancer, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory. They can be full of minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants. They can lower cholesterol, reduce blood pressure, and support your immune system. Benefits are endless and unique to each species of mushrooms. We encourage you to delve in to some mushroom study of your own as it is an exciting and in-depth opportunity for research.

Not all mushrooms are created equal. You will not find these properties present in your common white or button mushroom. When it comes to medicinal mushrooms, it is best to find a trusted source for your needs, typically at a health food store or at Pure Juice Café! Medicinal mushrooms go through in depth processes of extraction in order to amplify their healing qualities. You will see them in powder, capsule or tincture form. They can be marketed in forms of teas and as coffees, in superfood powder blends or featured on their own. Our Immunity formula featured in our Apothecary Collection contains 12 species of mushrooms each with their own unique composition of support for our bodies.

Our goal in offering our customers these herbal formulas is to aid in creating lives that are healthy and in balance. We believe everyone can benefit from a plant-based diet and even more so can benefit from adding supportive herbs into an already healthy regimen.

*Our Apothecary Collection is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. It is not intended to replace your current medications or supplements. Please consult your doctor if you are under medical care, taking medication, are pregnant or breast feeding, experiencing symptoms that are of concern that have not been addressed by a medical professional before using any herbal product.*

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