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Spring has finally arrived! Try our New Renew Me Treatment!

cleanse-renew-me-mainAs we look forward to vivacious longer days, our bodies need time adjusting to the seasonal changes: both aesthetically and nutritionally. We know it can be challenging to adjust your eating habits from the dense indulgences of the winter months to the delicate and lively choices of spring, which is why we are making your transition easy!

Our new Renew Me Cleanse offers the right amount of detoxification, combined with a satisfying amount of fiber, superfoods, and healing herbs to halt hunger and prepare for new spring habits. The cleanse contains four traditional cold-pressed juices, in effort to expand your nourishment, and alter the path of winter eating routines.

These cold-pressed juices are the Ultra Vitality, rich with greens, and the Extreme Green, while remaining consistent with its name, serves as anti-inflammatory medicine with the emergence of ginger and turmeric. The Zen Detox acts as a tropical flavor for the upcoming warmth, and alkalizes our bodies with dandelion and coconut water. Finally, our Nip it in the Bud is antibacterial, rich with oil of oregano and cayenne pepper.

While your bodies will be grateful for the condensed nourishment and detoxification of the cold-pressed juices, we have thoughtfully taken your stomach’s desires into consideration. The three blended drinks in the Renew Me Cleanse appeal to our innate food cravings, while allowing us to remain light and energetic.

Alchemy Greens is one blended elixir that we feature in this treatment. Kale and avocado exist in the drink to provide Vitamins A, K, and C and healthy, satisfying fats. The elixir features Tonic Alchemy, a superfood that is a blend of 91 different herbs and superfoods from highly regarded and cultivated places around the globe. While filling, this drink is powerful and radiant.

Cosmic Passion is our next blended drink, aimed to awaken your lust for fusion and intrigue during the warmer months. The multiple layers of exotic flavors: dragon fruit, schizandra, goji berries, coconut water and oils, pineapple, peach, and lucuma powder increase vitality and boost immune health. This drink is revitalizing and fresh for the impending warmth ahead!

Finally, our Divine Pearls add a luxurious element to this filling, and detoxifying cleanse.  The collagen rebuilding pearl powder in this blend is featured with the intricate tastes of coconut water and meat, with a bit of Himalayan pink salt. The simplicity and splendor of this recipe illuminates your youth, and stabilizes your mood.

If you’ve ever considered trying a cleanse, but six to seven juices seem too intimidating, hunger will not be a quandary in the Renew Me cleanse. The extra good fats and amazing Chinese and Arjuvedic Herbs are combined with fresh coconut water and meat from young Thai coconuts that your body & skin will love.

We look forward to seeing all of your vibrant faces in our shop, and wish you and your bodies the best in this seasonally transitional period.

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